How to choose best baby walker for your toddler


Toddlers need extra care and while choosing best baby walker for a toddler, there have been a long debate for quite some time. Everyone is concerned about the comfort and joy of their baby while purchasing baby walker. Before buying a walker for your toddler you must list down the purpose of buying baby walker. Some parents bought walker for walking purpose of their child and some bought it for sitting and playing. Many types of walkers are available in market, now the choice is yours and according to your personal choice the parents can choose best walker for their baby.

Choosing Best Baby Walker for your Toddler


While choosing best baby walker for your toddler the points you need to keep in mind are as follows:

  1. Comfortable seat
  2. Washable
  3. A good size tray in front
  4. Easily foldable
  5. Prevents falling
  6. Proper back support
  7. Good grip
  8. Usable even if your child grows

Comfortable Seat

While buying best baby walker, keep this in mind that the toddler seat on the walker for couple of hours and if the seat is uncomfortable for the toddler than it will be a wastage of money. Before buying walker make sure the seat is padded with good quality foam, keep this in mind that you are buying it for a baby so make sure the seat is much more comfortable and enough padded that the baby enjoys sitting instead of getting discomfort.


I prefer to buy a baby walker that is washable. Washable walkers can be found easily in which you can remove the seat and adjust it later on. Toddlers make a mess in the walker and it needs to be cleaned properly so that the toddler gets less bacterial infection through walker.

A good size tray

Some walkers are available in market that have some build in toys and music system to entertain the kids. It depends on the personal preferences but a walker with a good size tray helps the child to eat food in the walker and it also builds a habit in the toddler to have their own food. A good size tray means a child can put their food and toys in it.

Easily Foldable

Portability is all we need now a days. Everything needs to be trendy and portable and so does the baby walkers. While choosing a walker make sure it is easily foldable so that you can save your space as well.

Prevents Falling

Most of the time parents have issues with the baby walkers that their child fall many times. For this reason make sure to buy the walker have features that prevents falling. Many baby walkers now have the breaks options in which an obstacle in front of the walker make it stoppable and prevents the falling of baby.

Proper back support

Proper back support means that the sitting of your child in the walker is comfortable as the baby’s joints and bones are not much strong to bear any pressure on them. Make sure the back of baby walker seat is proper, so the baby feel comfortable while sitting in the walker.

Good Grip

Plastic walkers are more preferable because of their good grip quality. This feature in a walker can prevent your child from falling and also able to take the walker on rough surfaces.

Usable even if your child grows

Many parents are worried that walkers are only designed for certain age group but now many walkers have settings of height adjustment. It will ensure you that the walker can be used even if the child grows older.

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