Laptop Guide – All Purpose, Business Power Use, Ultra-Portability


After much consideration, you’ve finally decided to purchase a laptop computer instead of a bulky desktop. That may have been a tough decision for you, but there’s still one important question you must answer before anything else-what exactly will you be using the laptop for? More specifically, which of the following styles will best suit your needs: all purpose, business power use, or ultra-portability? If you need help deciding, this guide can help point you in the right direction.

All Purpose

All purpose laptops can do it all and are a great choice for most notebook users. They deliver the best mix of performance and features at a reasonable price. Although they are heavy and somewhat difficult to lug around, their power and multimedia capabilities can match those of desktops. With an all purpose laptop, laptop guide you can competently browse the web, do e-mail, archive your photos, play music, and even watch movies. If you need power but don’t have enough room for a large desktop, then an all purpose laptop is the perfect choice for you.

Business Power Use

Business laptops are most frequently determined by the manufacturer. They’re more conservative in style, have added security, and use stronger materials around their cases. A good business laptop should have a hard drive big enough to store all your word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and any other important information. Also, it should come equipped with a CD or DVD burner so you can back up your data. Other important features you should look for in a business laptop include: wireless networking capability; portable printer; handheld scanner; and long battery life. Just make sure the laptop you buy is capable of handling all your business needs.


If you want a lightweight laptop to accommodate your traveling lifestyle, then an ultra-portable laptop is the way to go. Ultra-portable laptops defy gravity by integrating every laptop component into the smallest frame possible. The difference between four and eight pounds may not sound like much, but you’ll certainly feel it the first time you have to carry it across town. Of course, there are a few tradeoffs: a smaller screen, less capacious battery, reduced-size keyboard. All in all, ultra-portable laptops have standard features and can perform basic functions, but there may be a slight difference in terms of power.

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