Teaching a Dog to Roll Over


There are lots of different tricks to teach a dog. One that is very popular to those who love to play often is known as rollover. This will make the pet go round and round in the ground that could be dizzy for the one who is doing it.

There are two ways how this can taught to the animal. The first will be explaining everything in one sitting in the hopes the dog will catch on quick. Unfortunately, some animals have difficulty.

This is when the second option comes into play where this is broken down into smaller parts then combined later on.

The first will be instructing the dog to lie on the ground. The person should say “down” with the front and hind legs firmly on the floor. Those that do not respond quickly need some assistance so the owner must gently push this part lower.

A dog biscuit should be given as a reward once this part has been completed.

The next part is a combination of two tricks. How to teach dog to roll over The first will make sure the animal stays put which is better known as “playing dead.” This can be achieved by having the face and stomach flatly on the ground.

The third phase will be making the dog roll on from the front to the back. There are many terms that can be used and the most common are “roll or show the back.” Only one should be used as not confuse the dog.

The master can use the hands to simulate the motion which the dog will learn in time. The tummy of the dog can be rubbed as a reward instead of just feeding it biscuits every time it does a good job.

Now that the pet was able to roll in one direction, it is time to do it for two or three times. The command to “roll” must be repeated slowly so the canine will understand what needs to be done.

When the animal can do this going on side, it is only proper to have this done also on the other. Some owners claim this is automatic already once the first three steps have been achieved but the speed in which the canine learns tricks varies.

Another trick which may sound silly is lying in the ground and going through the motion in the hopes the animal will follow. Does it work? Some claim it does while others just do this for fun to see how it feels like being a dog.

If the owner is not the successful on the first attempt, perhaps there is something wrong in how the lecture was delivered. It will be a good idea then to ask neighbors and friends how this is done.

If the advice is not working, maybe its time to go to the pet store and buy a book or instructional video.

It takes awhile for an animal to learn something especially if this is done for the first time. The person should be patient and understanding with an allotted time of only 5 to 10 minutes. This is because it takes a lot of effort and stress to understand something which both the dog and humans face everyday.

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