Understand the Properties of Your Plastics Better With a Muffle Furnace


Plastics are widely used for a variety of application in both industrial fields as well as domestic fields. The properties of plastics are so outstanding that most of the industries prefer to use them over conventional industrial materials. The plastics have outstanding properties such as high tensile strength, high compressive strength, and great resistance to the effect of environment, non-reactive to chemicals and so forth. Additionally, the applications where there is a need for high strength of products and light weight of materials, plastics serve as ideal material for such applications. Muffle furnace As plastics are also used for several critical applications, it is important to ensure that the products used in such applications are of best quality and will be able to serve the industries for a longer time.

The manufacturers of the plastic products also need to use best testing procedures and instruments to make user that the products would be able to deliver their best performance for a long time. If the manufacturers of plastic products are ignorant regarding their product quality, it will not only affect the relation between the customer and the manufacturer but also possess a great threat to the safety and productivity at the client’s workplace. The Proper type of quality testing procedure and testing instruments must be used for testing of these products.

In order to ensure the best quality of the plastic products, the first step needed is to acquire complete knowledge about the products such as its chemical composition, its carbon content, molecular structure, etc. For this, a muffle furnace is used. The muffle furnace is a highly advanced testing instrument that is used for studying the ash content of the products. The instrument is used for turning a test sample in ashes completely. When the product is turned into ashes, it would be very easy to understand the chemical properties of the product or the test sample. The test is commenced by placing the test sample in the furnace, and then a heating coil produces a high temperature of heat which goes up to 1200 degree Celsius. This high temperature is achieved without the use of flames. The test sample is kept at such a high temperature for a specific amount of time. After that, the ashes of the sample are obtained and weighed using a digital balance. The weight of the ash content gives the best evaluation of the chemical and physical properties of the products.

With the muffle furnace, the manufacturers of plastic products can acquire best knowledge about the basic properties of plastics which further helps in quality assurance of the products.

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